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Island Idle Chatter
For everything that's out of character
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1st-Jul-2007 02:34 pm - [ADMIN] Everybody Out of the Pool
Writing: Fountain Pen
I'm officially "closing" crossing_lostrp and crossinglostooc and xinglost_admin tonight when I get the chance. (I'll take away posting rights and make certain that they are closed communities. I'll also be posting a message directing interested parties to fandom_isle.

So, get your rears over to fandom_isle and fandom_isle_ooc and let the games continue :-)
30th-Jun-2007 09:19 pm - FANDOM ISLE is Live!
Simon Jester Precious Metals
It's official! Fandom_Isle is now live at shortly after 12:01 a.m., Sunday, July 1st, EDT.

I've posted two introductory posts--one for the regular characters and one for the new arrivals. Feel free to reply to both as appropriate. The post for the regular characters contains a summary of recent events as well as events which will occur over the next week of game time. (Yes, we're jumping forward a week.)

To summarize: The Grue attacked the beach camp the night of the bunker's destruction, and killed the vast majority of the castaways there. Daisy, still in Damon's body, barely escaped by teleporting away...with claw marks in her/his shoulder. She appeared in the middle of the jungle, among the survivors of the bunker's destruction, since that's where Ami was to be found (and where her random, instinctive flight took her).

The survivors of the massacre on the beach are:
James "Sawyer" Ford (in Michael Dawson's body)
Walt Lloyd
Michael Dawson (in Sawyer's body)
Sue Cullen (in Hurley's body)
Hugh Emerson (in Tommy Whitehorse's body) - Tommy did not survive.
Hurley (in Sue's body)
Sayid Jarrah

Everyone else is dead. Given the carnage there, as well as the deaths from a Wraith attack and the initial crash of Oceanic 815, the group decided to establish a completely new camp. They moved to a site on the western shore of the island. The game picks up a week after the day the bunker blew up. They've been working like dogs to make the new camp as comfortable--and safe--as possible, and decided that today (Day 36 for those keeping score at home) should be a day of rest. A holiday. Feel free to jump in, post, and interact with your fellow survivors--and the soon-to-arrive newbies!
29th-Jun-2007 07:26 pm - PC ROLL CALL!
Simon Jester Precious Metals
Please comment to this message when your PC is safely out of the bunker, or any PC or NPC you're temporarily writing. As soon as we've got everyone accounted for, we can get on with the pyrotechnic effects!

I'll start. Safely out of the bunker currently:

Safely Outside the Bunker
Aaron Littleton
Aeryn Sun
Alia (Kate's body)
Ami Jackson (Blaise's body)
Ash Williams
Claire Littleton
Chloe Sullivan
Daisy Adair (Damon's body--on the beach)
Damon (Daisy's body)
Daniel Jackson (the Doctor's body)
Dean Winchester
Ellen Ripley (Sam Tyler's body)
Faith Lehane
Gene Hunt
George Lass
Greg House (Scott's body)
Hiro Nakamura (May's body)
Isabel Evans
Jack Harkness
John Crichton
John Locke
Jon Murphy
Kenzaki Kazuma (in Miho's body)
May Parker (Hiro's body)
Methos/Adam Pierson
Miho Ryudo (Kenzaki's body)
Molly Green (River's body)
Parker Blaise (Ami's body)
Radek Zelenka (McKay's body)
River Tam (Molly's body)
Rodney McKay (Zelenka's body)
Rose Tyler (and Oorie)
Sam Tyler (Ripley's body)
Sam Winchester
Scott Hayden (House's body)
Tara Maclay
The Doctor (Daniel's body)
Willow Rosenberg

Mostly Dead
Jack Harkness
SamDean by beccadg
The thought occurred to me that before I go asking to reserve any character I've got a few questions I should make sure I know the answers to.

Those three questions.Collapse )
29th-Jun-2007 07:51 am - GAME EVENT COMING
Simon Jester Precious Metals
I will be posting a GAME EVENT later this morning, by request of our illustrious leader, fikgirl. Please stand by for chaos, panic and a full-blown Irwin Allen disaster epic in the making an important announcement. That is all. Thank you.
28th-Jun-2007 02:31 pm - Character recap post, part 2
sophie and calcifer
Okay, since we're getting down to the end of the countdown and have hit the cunning plan (and there's maybe an hour of game time to catch up with the bunker going BOOM), I'm posting another "where are your characters now in game time?"

I'm referring to the timeframe in Who Da Woman and Driving to Distractions, which are concurrent and it's about 1:30 pm in both. (Not sure what time it is in the murder thread, but these are important because of Chloe's Cunning Plan.

Comment to this post with where your characters are at this point in game time and what they're doing, and if they're switched or not?
28th-Jun-2007 01:54 pm - Silly to post this here but . . .
Writing: Fountain Pen
Yeah. Considering the nature of my question, you'll soon see the silliness:

Has anyone else noticed a slowness in the notification responses from LJ or is that just me?
27th-Jun-2007 07:27 am - The Attack of RL Monsters
Writing: Fountain Pen
. . . but they are good monsters.

Today is The Girl's birthday. Her b-day bash is in on Saturday. I think it's safe to say that between work, celebrating, shopping and party prep, RL is going to keep me buried until late Saturday night.

So, please, please, please NPC all my characters until then (just leave me a note to let me know what happened to them). Daniel and Faith will do what Daniel and Faith do best (and no, that does not mean Faith will have sex with everyone; not in the middle of a crisis), Ami will stick close to Scott and do whatever needs to be done, Damon will keep watch over Aaron, Claire's body (which Gene Hunt currently posessess) and Claire-in-Gene.

I'll jump in when I can, but I make no promises.

In a different vein . . . we're not wrapping up as quickly as I wanted with S1, and I really wanted to start S2 on July 1. I don't want to delay the start of S2 because we do have two new players (I'm worried about new players, not new characters) waiting in the wings. I did want to RP out the final, inevitable conclusion, but that might not be possible unless people want to post to two comms when July 1 rolls around.

26th-Jun-2007 02:20 pm - stupid weather.
tomo flail, it was the penguins
So I've gone through two loads of laundry, obtained groceries so Shaun and I can eat, got home, sat down at the computer... and there's thunder outside and a flash flood warning til 4 pm today.

*sigh* I'll be back on when it blows over. NPC May and Tara; May's going to be frustrated that she can't do anything but sensible enough to stay put, Tara's going to be trying to help the research crew.

Maryland weather sucks.

EDIT: Back now. Responses may be slow due to outside distractions. And I just posted Active Threads with the timeline issue taken into account. Also, I'm updating my characters' statuses on the Character Status post that got bumped off the front page.
25th-Jun-2007 05:14 pm - *taps microphone*
Writing: Fountain Pen
is this thing on?

ETA: Not being a nag, just a bit surprised. Normally, I have trouble keeping up when I'm at work, but ya'll were quiet, quiet, quiet over here today . . .
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